The Artist

The Artist

Born in Milan on 21 October 1971, she soon began to devote herself to painting in the pictorial studios of the artists of the Naviglio Grande in Milan.

At the "Forge of Colors" of Maestro Benito Trolese, shen has  begun to deepen his pictorial career with greater incisiveness and to acquire new techniques and skills.

The love for art has led Katiuscia to develop her artistic culture through studies dedicated to modern art and contemporary art.

For over 12 years she has participated in national and international exhibitions and competitions with more than 70 exhibitions (personal and collective) to her credit.

Her participation has also been published in trade magazines and cited as well in television appearances (TGCOM24 - Classic Drive Art - Art Paths on Canale Italia).

Among the awards received, the 1st prize in the XXXI edition of the Sacred Art competition, finalist for participation in EXPO 2015 with the work "the gold that nourishes life", after a limited selection of only 30 painters on national scale, Montecarlo Biennial finalist prize, 1st prize “The Great Italian Art in London”, 1st prize Quadrennial competition of the Lupa Capitolina Visual Arts and other prizes and reports of merit.

She boats various participation in abroad exihibiton are and she is currently part of a circuit that embraces artists from all ver the world.

She constantly collaborates with Galleries and Artistic Associations from which she was selected and with various events curated by Vittorio Sgarbi.

She was conferred the title of Master of Art in 2017 and nominated Academic Artist, she was included in the Register of Today's Masters of the Academic Center Maison of Art of Padua, released for artistic merits 2017 by the President and art critic Carla d'Acquino Mineo.

In 2019 she was awarded a Degree in Art Honoris Causa and the title of Professor of Art from the Academy of Santa Sara in Alessandria.

Her art has been recently  been presented  in important catalogs of Modern and Contemporary Art.

In 2018 she founded and became the president of the Cultural Artistic Association "Artangolo” (that means the art corner)  Fucina delle Arti in Milan" (

This association was founded with the aim of creating an artistic meeting point, a space that can allow artists to express themselves and confront each other, in any form of expression (painting, writing ... and much more).

Furthermore, in “Artangolo” Katia Papaleo, among other things, teaches painting at Artangolo.

She is a curious world traveler, she works as a manager during the dayand ancd she becames an artist by night and those are the elements that induce the artist to constantly confront herself with different environments and to increase her spirit of observation at such a high level that she declares: "Over the years I have learned more and more observing everything that surrounds me people and things  understanding  what people are saying and what they actually mean ".

For the artist, painting is a journey without a destination, a path that leads her to know, synthesize and photograph a precise moment: the instant.

To her credit several criticisms released by branch  experts (see Reviews section).